Sunday, November 20, 2011

lasermark cross

Simple enough for the do-it-yourselfer yet durable and versatile enough for the pros, this cross-line laser level takes the work out of leveling and plumb work for decks and patios, landscaping, cabinets and shelving, drop ceilings and more. The ILMXT is the ideal laser line layout tool for both interior and exterior applications like these. Easy to use, the tool features horizontal (level) and vertical (plumb) capabilities for both interior and exterior jobs, as well as laser cross and manual mode for interior applications.
Great for simple laser level needs in the yard or around the house, extra bright laser diodes and an outdoor pulsing mode feature provide a working range of 100 feet when used with the LLD20 laser detector (sold separately). A robust over-molded housing and impact resistance angle window for extended vertical plumb line and durability. The unit’s heavy duty, magnetically-dampened compensator eliminates error by quickly self-leveling the laser. And, an out-of-range sensor triggers the beams to automatically shut off when the unit is moved out of its self-leveling range. –by.Brian D. Olson
What’s in the Box
ILM-XT, laser tripod, batteries, case and manual.

This cross line laser does not get 3/32inch accuracy at 100 ft. this is a commonly misquoted fact by retailers on this product.
The actual accuracy is 3/32 at 30ft (aka 10meters).
I am wondering how much brighter the green lasers will be when they come out. –by. Bee ( New York City )

I am no expert on laser layout equipment but I do know when something works well and is accurate. I tested the ILM-XT's various settings against completed work that I know to be spot-on and the alignments were true. The line widths are consistent at 5' as well as 30', I have yet to give a go on a really bright day but during normal conditions the lines are visible. The only reason not rating it 5 stars is that at the edges of the spectrum range the line is a bit faint.—by.Designredesignbuild.

From the Manufacturer

The CST/Berger ILM-XT is the newest addition to the ILM Cross Line Laser Product Line. This Cross Line Laser features pusling laser beams that not only allows the user to visibly see the beams, but the user can utlize the Optional CST/Berger LLD20 Pulse Beam Detector to pick up the beams in adverse lighting conditions. Easily project a vertical line, horizontal line or laser cross just by the touch of a button. The ILM-XT also features a 130 Degree vertical fan beam that will allow the user to accurately line the instrument up under vertical points of reference. The ILM-XT is perfect for floor and wall tiling, paneling, wall fixtures, wall papering, stenciling, wainscoting, finish carpentry, masonry work, cabinets, shelving, partions and many many more. Best of all, the unit can be used outdoors with the detector up to 100ft in working range. Great for simple laser level needs in the yard or around the house or job. Unit comes complete with ILM-XT, Laser Tripod, Batteries, Case and Manual.

Product Description

Setting your line has never been easier with this cross line laser from CST/berger. With the bright chalkline, you'll get instant and accurate reference marks. The self-leveling, pulsing laser allows the user to see the beams. Projects a vertical or horizontal line or laser cross with the touch of a button. Features 130deg horizontal and vertical fan beams that allow the user to accurately line the instrument up under vertical points of reference. Beam Type: Cross line, Leveling Type: Gimbal, Beam (qty.): 2, Accuracy: ±3/32 Inch at 30 feet, Laser Beam Color: Red, Laser Wavelength: 635nm, Interior Range (ft.): 100, Exterior Range (ft.): 100, Self Leveling Range: ± 5, Visual or Audible Indicator: Visual, Base Type: Magnetic, Mount Type: Tripod and magnetic, Tripod Mount Dimensions (in.): N/A magnetic, Battery Type: AA, Battery Included: Yes, IP Protection Class: IP 55, Case Included: Yes

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